Familie stamboom
Genesis tot Openbaring
100 volkleur fotos van bekende skilderye
Kronologiese uiteensetting van die Bybel tydlyn
Bybelstudie gids met meer as 600 vrae beantwoord met Bybel tekseverse


For Raising Your Child
The authors of this book, experienced educators and parents, offer us all of the secrets to educating
children, both at home and at school. They provide practical advice and describe how to educate our
children at the different stages of their childhood.
Nine fundamental topics are explored, beginning with education in the family, which teaches us the
principles of the family relationship and its environment, and helps parents adopt a more efficient
educational plan.



The Next super Power 


A  king has a troubling dream about a magnificent image . . .

The head of gold, the chest and arms of silver,
the belly and things of bronze, the legs of iron,
the feet a mixture of iron and clay,
and a huge boulder that smashes the whole thing to pieces!
What does it all mean?

A prophet offers an amazing interpretation . . . in turn, four kingdoms would conquer the world, and in turn, four kingdoms would fall. Never again would the world be ruled by one power, through many would try. . .until the very end of time.

There will be wars, the prophet declared. Crime, lawlessness, immorality, disasters of every description.

Then a superpower of unimaginable strength and influence will brighten our planet like a star bursting in the heavens, the prophet predicted, and it will last forever.

A dreaming king. An ancient prophecy, spanning 2,500 years, fulfilled in every particular-almost. Only the last event is yet to happen.

And you are sitting on the front row of the universe.


Set of 4 books
An accomplished medical work written in plain and simple language for the whole family.
Offers care, prevention and healing for over 400 diseases with natural, phamacological, and surgical treatments. Also contains useful information sexuality, children's nutrition, pregnancy and education.

Price R3 618.00


250 Recipes for Healing and Prevention
This work presents 250 recipes that use over 130 different foods, which can prevent and cure a
multitude of diseases. The vegetarian recipes included in this volume are recommended for nearly 150
diseases and are presented according to the organ or body part that most benefits from their use.
Dr. Pamplona-Roger, research physician and highly-experienced author, collaborates with Dr.
Malaxetxebarria to provide an in-depth analysis of the composition and nutritional, preventive and
curative value of each recipe.
The recipes proposed in this work are useful during all stages of life: for children, pre-teens and
adolescents, adults, and elders. Diseases such as stress, infarcts, high cholesterol, ulcers, cancer, and
many more, can find part of their prevention or cure in the recipes suggested in this book.